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Safety First

It’s what we’re all talking about, seemingly endlessly...  Covid 19.  What’s the latest update?  What do today’s numbers look like?  How people are  staying safe- or not.  The lack of solid information is frustrating.  The controversies and political maneuvering is maddening.  But even at the risk of rehashing the obvious and boring you to tears, I’m going to tell you about the safety measures we at Circare are taking.

It’s Important.  Because we care.  We care about the health and well-being of our staff, our customers and our community. Being careful and keeping our distance today means we'll all still be here to touch again tomorrow.

So.  We are inviting up to 6 customers to shop with us in store at a time.  Please use the front door just so  we keep a better eye on things.

Yes, please mask (forget yours? we’ll provide) and use the hand sanitizer that’s right there as you come in.  Face it... Circare is a touchy, feely kind of store.  It’s so much simpler, easier-and more fun- to use sanitizer than try not to touch anything!

We will also be wearing masks and using hand sanitizer frequently. And wiping down touch points like counter tops, door knobs and handles, phones, etc. regularly. We're even taking our temperatures every morning!

We’ve worked to make your purchase as touchless as we can.  No signing sales receipts and your Circle of Friends rewards cards? Let us pull those for you.

There are other things, too.  For example, you may try on clothing if you like, but any not-quite-rights will be “quarantined” for 24 hours.  Same with returns.  The restroom/fitting room is still available for your convenience, but we’ll unlock it for you so that we can ensure it’s wiped down after each use.

All these precautions and procedures may seem excessive to some.  But we will always err on the side of caution because the thought of someone becoming ill from a visit to Circare is simply unacceptable!

To others, even all this may not seem sufficient.  Everyone’s level of risk is different and only you can decide the amount of risk you’re comfortable with.  That’s why, even though we are open, we also continue to offer curbside pickup, free local delivery and shipping.  It’s why we will continue to add the newest arrivals and merchandise favorites to our online store

It’s all about you.  Call us.  We’ll video chat, text or e-mail you photos, be your personal shopper, whatever you need in whatever way works best for you.  We’ll find a way.  We’ll all find a way through this together.  Promise.

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