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Feeling Neighborly?

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

THANK YOU for "shopping local" with us- you are what makes Circare possible and we sincerely appreciate it!

But while I am forever grateful for the incredible support we've received from you for over 32 years, today I want to thank you on behalf of some other people you help support- and may not even know about. Because when you support us, together we support another layer of local goodness... and that's a delicious icing on the cake!

If you've ever shopped at Circare, you know we feature lots of handcrafted and American made products and love to support American artisans.   It’s an important part of what we do.  It’s even more important  now,  in these crazy times, that we all support each other. 

But what's "local" to you?

American made?  MY FELLOW AMERICANS...  sounds like it’s an election year.  But don’t knock it...  Cynthia Webb, from California, makes one of my favorite lines of pewter wall hangings and framed art. I defy you not to smile at the whimsical Zortz note holders from Max in New York.  And I’m happy every time someone indulges themselves with a gorgeous silk scarf by Sharon in Kentucky. With all the American artists we represent, we could do our own Circare version of America the Beautiful! And I love helping them all realize their own American dreams.

How about Michigan made?   Have you fallen in love with the fabulous crystal jewelry Siri creates in Grand Rapids?  Picked yourself a bunch of pretty copper enamel flowers from Annabelle in Cedar Springs?  Or dressed up your dresser with a fun little “dishette” made in  Sault Sainte Marie by Cheryl?

Or do you think of "local" as even closer to home?  How about in your very own backyard?  From silk screened coasters and bookmarks made of recycled tire rubber by Jackie in Grosse Pointe Farms; to the all natural bath and body care line Choices Helga makes in Shelby Township, many products offered by Circare are being made locally--by your neighbors! Black Cat Pottery sunflowers, wall pockets and bird bowls, fired in Cheryl’s basement studio in Detroit.  Hand sewn baby bibs and I’d-be-lost-without-them microwave mitts by Carol.  Handmade greeting cards by Melissa. Trays that make Michigan shaped ice cubes by Hugh in Warren.  I could go on. And on.

The point is, each of you, by shopping local (and not just at Circare); by buying American (whether next door or across the nation), you help us all.  We really are all in this together. And sometimes we need to put a name or face to something to help us realize the difference we can all make everyday. Here a a few of the faces that go with some the names above. For myself- and all of them- THANK YOU!

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