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Give Her the Candy Store!

When I was a kid, there was a small meat market down the street run by an elderly (to me) couple. The husband was the butcher. His wife, known to the entire neighborhood as Gram, well, she was in charge of the huge (again, to me) CANDY COUNTER!

I remember the thrill of going in there after school with a dime in my hand. Would I get a stick of red licorice? A candy necklace (remember those?) Red wax lips or black mustache (am I dating myself or what?)

The point is, that at that moment it felt like it was ALL mine, just for the choosing. The excitement came from the possibilities and it was delicious!

I like to think of Gift Certificates as that dime in a child's hand. A ticket to magic. With a Circare Gift Certificate in her (or his) hand, she begins an adventure, a scavenger hunt throughout the store for that perfect treasure she'll enjoy more than any other. Will it be a sensuous silk scarf, a delicate necklace or a whimsical garden ornament? So much to choose from... all hers for the asking.

So next time you're shopping for a special gift, consider that a Circare gift certificate is a gift doubled-- one she will choose for herself, the perfect size, color and style. The other, in some sense, is the gift of all of Circare, in the possibilities of the choice. Give her the key to the Candy Store!

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