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An elegant way to present and store your fine wines, these handcrafted boxes by Doles Orchard are the perfect fit for most wine bottles. They are made in Maine using Poplar or Cherry wood, then decorated with original laser engravings, many carefully wrapped  around two sides of the box. Coupled with a tasty bottle of your favorite wine, a wine box is a timeless gift for any occasion. 

A best seller, the Travelling Wine Box is re-gifting re-imagined. Each giver fills it with their chosen gift and presents it. The receiver fills out the inside cover and enjoys the elegant box until they are ready to re-gift and repeat!  Imagine the box travelling through an extended family or group of friends... oh the stories and history it will tell.

For availability, please call (586) 771-8510 or email us (

Wine Boxes by Doles Orchard

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